Executive Members

President  – Raksh Joshi;  VP Religion  – Neena Obhrai;  VP Food  – Lokesh Sharma;  VP Maintenance  – Satpal Sharma;  VP Senior  – Keerti Kotecha, VP Resources  – Kuldip Rai Saini; VP Youth and Education  – Sumit Narang; VP Culture  – Vinita Uppal; Secretary  – Yogesh Srivastava; Treasurer  – Kamaldeep Sharma.

Board of Trustees

Chair, BOT    – Rakesh Punj;   Controller, BOT    – Navdeep Mahendru;   Secretary, BOT    – Viswanathan Murli;   Member, BOT    – Tripta Chowdhury;   Member, BOT    – Ragini Narang;   Member, BOT    – Rajinder Verma.  

Hindu Centre Facility Use

Facility usage charges as follows: Purpose,  Charges and   Damage Deposit » Shantipath (1st time same year) – $101 Donation to Temple – 50% of Rent; » Shantipath (Memorial Service without Havan) – $250 Donation to Temple – 50% of Rent; » Shantipath (Memorial Service with Havan) – $350 Donation to Temple – 50% of … Continue reading Hindu Centre Facility Use

By Laws

Province Announces new guidelines on scattering ashes March 18, 2019, Calgary Herald, Anna Junker The province is releasing new guidelines for those who want to spread the cremated ashes of their loved ones, Labour Minister Christina Gray announced Sunday. The updated guidelines come after extensive consultation with multicultural communities and provide clarity to families, particularly … Continue reading By Laws